University Estates at Austin

1300 Crossing Place Austin, TX 78741


Kyndle W. Profile Thumb

Kyndle W.

2 days ago

I love the amenities here. The area is nice. The WiFi is not as good as I thought it would be. The staff is friendly. They do a lot of events here.

Austin L. Profile Thumb

Austin L.

2 days ago

University Estates has the most competitive and affordable prices for all student living complexes in Austin. With its affordability comes quite a few drawbacks, but overall I'm pretty satisfied.

Joseph Q. Profile Thumb

Joseph Q.

2 days ago

Its been a great time here. I've became friends with several of my neighbors and my building is very chill and easy going. The hot tub and pool are pretty sick and as well as the gym and the safety of them all.

Lizbeth R. Profile Thumb

Lizbeth R.

3 days ago

The apartments are decent for the price in Austin. I do not believe the office management take many complaints seriously. For this reason, it is difficult to get something fixed or issues solved.

Liam B. Profile Thumb

Liam B.

3 days ago

dishwasher and dryer might as well be replaced with a garbage disposal with how entirely incompetent they are at their primary function, other than that ive enjoyed living here.

Garielle M. Profile Thumb

Garielle M.

3 days ago

its great so far. my ceiling was leaking for a couple days and I think a cricket crawled up my sink but good experience so far. the staff is pretty nice although my car was towed

David F. Profile Thumb

David F.

3 days ago

After reading reviews about this place, I had many doubts. However, I decided to take a tour and was welcomed with friendly faces and greetings. Good first impression. I was helped out by Taylor, who was both polite and casual. We toured the apartment complex and it seemed too good to be true for the price. The pool area was almost empty, though it was also a cloudy day. The model room was very well set up and convincing, especially since each room gets a restroom and each unit has its own washer/dryer. The space seemed green and trimmed for the most part. It seems like a great place to live especially for its low price range, but again, an abundance of negative reviews. I will leave it at four stars and will update it once I move in.

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