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Alyssa H. Profile Thumb

Alyssa H.

1 day ago

UE is a great place to live and it has several great amenities too! Rooms are very spacious and the balconies are huge. The bathrooms are a good size too. Not the biggest but definitely enough room for your stuff

Manukea I. Profile Thumb

Manukea I.

2 days ago

Friendly faces. Good if you're planning to set goals to invest for your future and save up. Price is good price, lots of parking, and staff is also kind.

Yadira D. Profile Thumb

Yadira D.

2 days ago

Overall pretty decent apartment. I’ve been here 4 years already and it’s worked for me. Work orders can be slow to start but they get done. I’ve never had an issue with the office staff they’re always very nice

Francisca S. Profile Thumb

Francisca S.

3 days ago

University Estates is a pretty nice place to live considering how much the rent is. The wifi sucks though and your rent gets higher every year. It has a lot of nice stray cats so that’s a plus!

Olumide O. Profile Thumb

Olumide O.

4 days ago

The community is nice but administration takes longer time to address resident to resident issues. Overall a nice environment. There is always room for improvement.

Lesly S. Profile Thumb

Lesly S.

5 days ago

It's super quiet and calm which was not what I was expecting when I knew these were "Student Housing". Its blown me away how clean and quiet the apartments are and how friendly all the staff is!

Maya A. Profile Thumb

Maya A.

6 days ago

So far no complaints, everything has been smooth sailing. Office people are nice, maintenance stays on top of things, neighborhood is fairly clean.

Odinaka O. Profile Thumb

Odinaka O.

6 days ago

I have been living here for close to 3 months, and my experience has been wonderful. The estate is gorgeous with the buildings and nature scenery, which allows for a nice and relaxed walk. The staff are courteous and the maintenance service is amazing.

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